DIMITRI “Vegas” Thivaios of multi-platinum electronic dance music duo Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike has been putting his acting chops to the test over the last few years.

He’s had a few appearances on both the big and small screen, including in the recent blockbuster Jurassic World 3: Dominion and Rambo: Last Blood.

Now he’s just made his debut lead performance in director Jonas Govaerts’s H4Z4RD, an action comedy set in Dimitri’s home country of Belgium taking place over a hectic 24-hour period in and around Antwerp.

Vegas stars as Noah, an unemployed gambler who, down on his luck, accepts a gig as a driver of a getaway car that quickly turns ripe for disaster when his daughter is kidnapped and held for ransom by an evil enemy. The plot line is full of twists and turns as fast as Noah “H4Z4RD”‘s gold-plated Lexus, which has Vegas and his on-film cousin Carlos racing for their lives and against the clock. Through the film’s twists and turns, Vegas encounters neo-Nazi, dogged cops, a basketball team, and even a wolf in the battle to get his daughter Zia home safely. H4Z4RD, which Dimitri Vegas also co-produced, is dedicated to Dimitri & Mike’s father, who passed away last year.

The film premiered earlier this year on July 20th in Belgium at Tomorrowland’s Freedom Stage to an excited crowd and has now been unleashed to audiences in the UK during FrightFest – UK’s largest and brightest international thriller, fantasy and horror film festival. As an experienced performer and sought-after music producer, and now lead actor and producer, it’s fair to say that Dimitri Vegas is predisposed to entertain crowds, no matter the platform or content he creates.

 Dimitri Vegas in H4Z4RD
Dimitri Vegas in H4Z4RD

We caught up with Dimitri this week and asked him to talk us through ten of the hottest tracks from the soundtrack of the high-octane movie.

The playlist features loads of classic dance music from the likes of Energy 52 by Café Del Mar and Push by Universal Nation.

Listen below and read what Dimitri had to say about the selection.