OC & VERDE aka Ben O’Connor and Jon Verde have risen to prominence over the five years with a pallette of razor sharp-beats and melodic grooves.

The Manchester based duo have released music on a variety of tastemaker labels such as Truesoul and Knee Deep In Sound, cementing their music in the sets of the DJ elite who they now share the stage with.

They are one of the many great headliners at this year’s much anticipated Noisily from 7th – 10th July. It all goes down in the woods with various stages and the likes of John Digweed, Eats Everything, Frida Darko and many more.

To give you an idea of what to expect from the pair who are regulars in the Top 10 on Beatport they have put together a playlist including their recent collaboration with Artche which they made during lockdown. Listen below and read what they had to say about the music.

OC & Verde, Artche – In The Glow

We made this track in lockdown with Artche, it’s our first collaboration with him, his vocals are amazing on this track and we have some more Collab lined up with Artche coming master this year

Argy Kay – Cossy 

We signed this track to our label AMPERS&ND just before lockdown and have been holding onto it as long as possible so that I could have a chance to shine when the restrictions were eased, it’s been supported by Tale of Us recently in Tulum and it’s now absolutely flying! Glad we held on to it!


OC & Verde – Helios

We released this track last summer trying to time the end of lockdown restrictions but we were too early by 12 months! Haha, it sounds great in the car though!


Modbit – Calypso

This was the opening track of our first gig back after lockdown at Gorilla club Manchester, it took the roof off! Will always remember this one!


Kinky Sound – Lemon Haze 

Loving every track this guy is making at the moment. Absolute heaters. Had this on repeat for months.


Damon Jee & Ravintsara – Medea 

This track has featured heavily in our sets and on live streams when we couldn’t get out to the clubs and play.


Brigado Crew – 7

Hands in the air moments on this track, love the production, very different sounding record.


Junior Jack & Pat BDS – Klimax (Patrice Baumel remix)

This remix is phenomenal, Patrice smashed it on this track.


Good Gum – Flora

This track was our opening track at a gig in Liverpool when we were allowed to play to seated people during the bonkers restrictions of 2020. The police turned the speakers off three minutes into this. It’s an amazing track just not for the police though!Haha!


Damon Jee & Darlyn Vlys – Sin City

This is a funky Little track that has flown below the radar but always goes off when we play it!