BUNKERBOUND continues to boss Maidstone’s underground techno scene in the garden of England.

The driving force behind the parties at The Source in the Kent town are the friends who passionately run things, Paul and Si Neary (SiN) and Lewis Clark and the close bond they have with the dance floor and those that are invited to play alongside them.

We caught up with Paul Neary recently with our friends at ratemyrave to film his set from the secret location The Vault which saw Paul supporting Saytek’s live show. We had a chat with Paul to find out more about Bunkerbound, how Richie Hawtin became a fan of his music and what he has coming next.

Read the chat and watch his set recorded at The Vault below.

Bunkerbound continues to go from strength to strength. What have you guys got coming up on the horizon?

I think in regards to Bunkerbound we have been very lucky to have such a loyal fan base, which allows us to constantly push boundaries, seven years is a long time and we are as passionate now as we were in the beginning. We have to keep pushing and try new things to keep it fresh…we are looking at some exciting things for the end of this year and into 2020, including our birthday date in November with a potentially great headliners ready to take the roof off.

You and residents Lewis Clark and your brother Si are making waves right now, it must be great to see them spreading their wings as well as yourself?

Yes its really great to see the boys delivering the goods and showing versatility. They can adapt to most situations even if its not a “Techno” event, they have a passion to play a variation of electronic music . They just need to start producing and who knows where they could progress to!

You recently played your first gig in Germany. How did this go down?

Man, Sudpol Hamburg was crazy, its a  22 hour party every weekend. My set was 11am Sunday morning to 2pm, great venue and even better crowd which allowed me to go even deeper into my minimal collection. I cannot wait to go back ( which we are looking at for the end of the year)

I know you have attended a lot of events in Germany over the years. What makes the German crowds so special?

German crowds are so special because i think they truely allow artists to push the  boundaries in both music and culture. It is the norm for clubs to stay open all weekend, but in uk clubs would never be able to follow that due to licencing and other issues.

You have got to know Richie Hawtin over the last few years since he started supporting your music. Can you tell us how this came about?

With Rich it was crazy, i had been sending him music for many years online,  getting to the front of gigs or waiting at the end of gigs to personally give him my usb stick- and getting nowhere haha. I never stopped believing in what i was trying to do as an artist and knew it would be up Richies street (my style). 2 years ago he got in contact and asked for me to keep sending music to him for a future release. He has been playing my music around the world ever since. The first time he played my music was in Berghain at 11am, not a bad place to start.

Why is Richie such a big inspiration to you and what have you got planned with him?

Richie was the first artist that blew me away back in 2008 when I started treading water into the techno scene. He is such a pioneer and an inovator in the scene and I think he just continues to get better. All I can say right now is I have been talking with Rich for a while and the future is looking very exciting, it’s exactly where I wanted to be.

Looking forward to your stream with ratemyrave in association with The Night Bazaar. Why did you decide to get involved?

I couldn’t say no to such a cool concept, I love new ideas and the live stream concept really got me intrested, who wouldn’t love to play in one-off cool locations!

What have you got coming up in terms of releases?

I have a few remixes I’m finishing up, as well as some cool collaborations with Dustin Holtsberry, Rosper and Damien Fisher, three artists that are killing it. I am sitting on a lot of new music but they need to find the right home.

Catch Paul Neary at the next Bunkerbound party at The Source in Maidstone on August 3rd. For more information HEAD HERE.