SUMMER is in full swing and we are pleased to be able to bring you a selection of amazing content over the coming weeks in association with one of Europe’s best techno hot spots, Croatia’s Sonus Festival as they celebrate their tenth anniversary between the 20th and 24th August on the infamous Pag Island.

To kick things off we caught up for a chat with Sven Väth, one of the legendary DJs who has helped Sonus Festival become a serious international alternative dance music destination.

Picking up where we left off with him at the end of last year when we sat down with Sven in London (READ HERE) and following some great shows in London and Berlin already this year where we’ve had the pleasure to dance with him, we had a lot to catch up on with the imminent release of his Catharsis remix album next month, his Catharsis residency in Ibiza and of course his thoughts on Sonus Festival celebrating their first decade of events.

Going off… Sven Väth in control at Sonus Festival, Croatia

Hi Sven, how has this year been so far and what is this summer looking like?

“This year I started my world tour again in Asia for the first time since the pandemic. I went to Australia, North and South America, Europe of course. It’s been great the last 6 months, but also very exhausting. But the energy at all the gigs was just overwhelming. It’s summer now and the festival season is in full swing. It’s a great atmosphere everywhere, that feels so good.”


You have been teasing dance floors since last year with some of the remixes on your new Catharsis Remix album which is due for release next month. Can you tell us about the artists you chose to remix your special work from last year?

“I really enjoyed asking some artists to do the remixes that I’ve admired for years. First and foremost Roman Flügel, Robert Hood and Luke Slater, since they have been companions for over 30 years. No less important are all the other artists, who have all delivered excellent interpretations: Mano Le Tough, Robag Wruhme, Krystal Klear, Damiano von Erckert, Benjamin Damage, Jonathan Kaspar, Harald Björk and Florian Hollerith. The remixes all really rock!!!”

You are a regular at Sonus Festival in Croatia who are celebrating their 10th anniversary this August. You have worked with these guys on so many projects over the years from Time Warp to Love Family Park and Sonus. Can you give us your thoughts and feelings on Sonus Festival as they head towards their decade milestone for this amazing festival?

“Pag is a very special island with mostly sparse vegetation. It feels a bit like being on another planet with deep blue water all around you. Sonus is not only an extraordinary festival because of its geographical location, also because the various “Stages” are all individual open-air clubs, each a highlight in itself. There is dancing day and night and there are great moments when the sun rises and sets and a very international celebration audience. Happy anniversary Sonus Festival!”

Sven Väth…. Rocking Sonus Festival

We are looking forward to seeing you also in August at your summer Catharsis residency in Ibiza at Las Dalias and Akasha. This will be our first time at the venue and we can’t wait, it looks amazing. How have the parties been so far for you? Why did you choose the venue for this years Catharsis residency?

“After closing the chapter Cocoon Ibiza after 20 years, it was clear to me that I no longer wanted to have a weekly residency in a big club on Ibiza.

Even during the pandemic I took a look at our new place of work and this gave me the opportunity to do something special with the great team at Las Dalias / Akasha. It’s basically 2 parties in one: We start outdoors at Las Dalias in the early evening and then go to Akasha at midnight.

Outside there is that hippie feeling and then the futuristic club as a contrast, unique in sound and design and the DJ booth is in the middle of the club. No tables, no VIP! A magical atmosphere is created for hours. I play freely at these events, usually over 8-10 hours. That’s no longer the case on the island usually. Many of my guests, also coming from the north of Ibiza, are enthusiastic about the vibes, they say this is “100% IBIZA”, that makes me and the whole team very proud.”


Aside from the residency, you are a big presence in Ibiza again this season, visiting a lot of old haunts playing for other parties. What have been stand out so far and what are you looking forward to coming up?

“Yes, that’s right! I play as a guest at Circoloco/DC10, at Amnesia with Joseph Capriati, at Chinois with Ida Engberg, as well as for Storytellers at Cova Santa and again at the end of the season for Afterlife / Tale Of Us at HÏ. These are all cool parties and it’s important to me to show a balanced presence. I’ve played two of these so far and they’ve both been great. Ibiza will always be special for me and for many others too. With the Catharsis events at Las Dalias/Akasha once a month I add my part to beware the magic of the island.”

Thanks Sven, see you on the dance floor!