DANCE music has seen some amazing collaborations since it emerged blinking into the morning sunshine over three decades ago.

The latest collaboration to rock dance floors followed a spontaneous studio session which occured after veteran DJ / producers Timo Maas and Marc Romboy enjoyed a memorable back to back set together back in 2022.

Exploring new creative territories, the hotly anticipated Die Zeit was warmly welcomed by DJs and fans alike back in April.


The follow up single, Yume No Yōna, dropped last week, showcasing again the immense talent of the duo.

Yume No Yōna is a driving and energetic club track featuring AI vocal samples. Techno continues leading the way in the evolution of electronic music. The synthesized voice adds a unique and captivating element to the track as she describes an idyllic dreamlike situation experienced by the duo. The song flawlessly blends the signature styles of both artists, with Romboy’s expertly-crafted Moog bass-driven arpeggios seamlessly melding with Maas’s driving rhythms and beats.

We caught up with Timo and Marc this week and they have talked us through ten huge tracks including some of the new music they have made working together.

Listen to Timo and Marc’s selections and read what they had to about the music below.


Novalima – Beto Kele (Timo Maas Remix) (Nervous Records)

I surprised the band recently with a remix they had no idea of… the result is a very vibey and positive re-work in a afro/latin style… great for the summer!



Marc Romboy & Timo Maas – Die Zeit (Systematic Recordings)

Our first collaboration… german vocals with a meaning, very distinctive modern electronic sounds! Great reactions all over…here the studio live session of the track…love it!


Ken Hayakawa – Mute Air (Stripped down Rec)

Super nice very trippy journey through the cosmos of electronica… workd great in my sets. Watch out for Ken! More awesome stuff to come.



Sinisa Tamamovic – All lost for love (Night Light Rec)

Sinisa is since years a strong force for delivering rolling, driving proper club tracks… this is one of his latest, and he kicks it again to the max.


Tal Fussman – Persona (Innervision)

Wild, powerful rather indie dance approach here…super driving, super unique!




Denis Horvat – Portrait Of A Lady (Innervisions)

One of my current fav tracks to play in the club. Denis knows how to combine excellent synth sounds and classical house vocals in a perfect way. Haute cuisine!



Marc Romboy – Exeter (Awesome Soundwave)

One of the tracks from my new album Music Made For Aliens which I released on Carl Cox and Chris Coe’s label Awesome Soundwave. I hope the aliens love this track as I do.


Rex The Dog  – Change This Pain For Ecstasy (Kompakt):

The 90s are back in a modern way. Another master piece from a British producer I respect a lot.


Marc Romboy & Timo Maas – Die Zeit (Synthapella) (Systematic Recordings):

The other track with my bud Timo, we have just put out on Systematic Recordings. Here the beatless synth focussed synthapella version.



Robert Babicz – Light Of The Universe (Awesome Soundwave)

Our common friend and sound professor Robert Babicz, also out on Awesome Soundwave.