KLAUDIA GAWLAS is another amazing German DJ / producer setting fire to the techno scene all over the world.

Over the last decade she  has bestowed on us a myriad  of rocking tracks across some of the most celebrated labels such as Joseph Capriati’s Redimension, Coyu’s Suara and Dubfire’s SCI+TEC.

Her second release on Dubfire’s imprint, Fireball has just dropped.  The three track EP is another triumph of percussive brilliance from the Illusion Recordings boss.


We caught up with her and she’s compiled a selection of tracks that will rock your weekend. She told us:

“These are a selection of tracks that I have played and continue to play in my sets. Always setting you up for a weekend! Some of them are older, but they are outstanding tracks that will always be timeless. No.5 in the selection was my first ever vinyl, so that’s an essential listen for me.”

Yves Deruyter – On A Mission

“I play many tracks lately from Yves Deruyter in every set and I have to say the energy on the floor is amazing. Last summer season I dropped some of them and it was a total hands up moment. I love this rave style and all Yves’s productions are high quality. A nice journey by this legend.”


Tomaz vs Filterheadz – Sunshine

“There are some new remixes out from Coyu which I love but I have to list the original here. This was a masterpiece and I remember this was the most played vinyl in my case. You can see it as it’s so worn on the cover from being taken all over the world.”


Enrico Sangiuliano & Charlotte de Witte – Reflection (Original Mix) [NTZ007]

“What a nice idea to do a collectin of 9-0 tracks. The label called NineToZero run by Enrico Sangiuliano delivers with every release. So this is number 7 and I love it. The siren ised is like a calling for a party!”


Frankyeffe – Touch Me [Spannung]

“This track from the Italian producer Frankyeffe is a peak time favourite. It’s a trance track really but just right in time to catch the zeitgeist of the rave sound we hear today. Great track, lots of power and perfect for when you need to make the dance floor go crazy!”


Tiga & Zyntherius – Sunglasses @ Night (Chris Liebing Remix)

“This was my first ever vinyl record that I bought it in Duluth, Minnesota in a second hand shop when I was living and studying there for a year. It was in 2002, and I decided to start a collection of vinyls with tracks I love. So, I bought this one and later started to DJ. Maybe this record is one of my important ones in my life. It has still a special place in my studio.”


Plastikman – Spastik

“A timeless track from the 90´s. Still love that one and I play it forever here and there in my sets. I remember this was an outstanding tune and I think every techno lover knows this one.”


Tomaz vs. Filterheadz – I Love Techno

“Also, a bit of an older one, but I found this in a mall record store in my hometown and I love the atmospheric sounds in the background. A nice rolling track. I used to listen to this a lot during the day, to give me some energy and power! It worked.”

Marco Faraone & Flug – Gino Is Alive [UNCAGEX048]

“The collaboration between these two guys will always bring amazing results! A very solid techno track which I love to play in my sets. It keeps the energy on a high level. A good choice on one of my favourite label, Uncage which is owned by Marco Faraone.”


Alter Ego – Rocker

“Another older track, but I still have this on a lot, and play in my sets. Sometimes people forget about old track and when you play them, they all wonder what it is, especially the new generation, as maybe they weren’t old enough when it was released. So I love that they can discover ‘new’ music, but it’s actually a classic. This one will destroy any dancefloor. I still play it on vinyl, just feels better.”


Klaudia Gawlas & Gary Beck – Treasure

“I included this track as it was such a nice opportunity to work with Gary Beck. He is such a legendary producer from Glasgow, and I always play at least one of his tracks in a set. We decided to make this collab together during the lockdown, and this is one of the 3 tracks on the release. I hope to do more with Gary one day.”