IT’S  just over a year now since me and Christopher Coe started our new label Awesome Soundwave and we’ve already released so many great tunes by great live artists!

And we have so many more to come.

It’s really exciting and special to be able to support live electronic artists in their goal to release great music and to share their talent and passion for that music.

When we started with the amazing album by Christopher called MNTNS of SLNC we had no plan other than we wanted to release only albums and only from live artists.

It’s been great! So I am delighted to share with you my top 10 releases from the label up to now.

1. Last Night – Saytek 

This tune by Saytek is one of my favourites that he has released through us, it just works so well and it’s so raw and energetic! Saytek is such a pure live artist.. he records all his tracks entirely live and what you hear is what you get! I’ve been playing this in nearly every set since we first released it which is over a year now.. And Saytek has been joining me on some of the stages around the world! What a top bloke and great producer!

2. Kic – Mat Playford

Mat Playford is such a talented and amazing individual.. he grows chillies and lives off the grid in the south of England and his studio is powered entirely from solar! I’ve known him from the Space days in Ibiza when he was a resident there and he was always doing crazy, interesting and weird DJ sets, live sets and hybrid setups! He sent me his new material and I flipped! It had to be our 2nd release on the label! The record is so musical and diverse. This track is probably the most techno of the tracks on the album and it was remixed by Octave One for the vinyl release. Another great release for us! So proud for Mat too!

3. Headland – Christopher Coe 

One of the tunes that started it all for us. When Christopher came to me with his album and told me of his concept of how he made this record out in the mountains of Ireland and how he wanted to try to bring it live and recreate the feeling with visuals and everything, I just loved the idea! That’s when I realised we had to start this label! For artists to be able to realise a bigger story. I still love the sound of this record.. it’s so deep! Christopher set the bar for the label and all our subsequent releases!

4. Omnia – Julien Chaptal 

Now this tune! It is truly epic and beautiful! Julien is another rare talent, amazing live and a brilliant producer with quite an interesting history over the years. His album is another lovely journey.. which is appropriate given it’s called “The Way”.

5. Pick Up the Phone – Christopher Coe / The Upstarters  

I love the chunky funk of this track by Christopher and The Upstarters.. He made this with a bunch of intellectually disabled artists in the west of Ireland as part of a project they collaborated on together and when he played me the result I was gobsmacked! We had to release it!

6. Custom – Honeysmack 

Australian legend Honeysmack, been making banging acid for years and has only ever played live. Never DJ’d ever! He came down to my studio and recorded his whole album over two days and then edited the jams into these tasty dark sort of acid stories… This record is serious and I love it’s uncompromising attitude. It’s our next release actually (out Feb 28) This track in particular is so great!

7. Acid Jam Seven – Saytek  

This another fave of mine from Saytek! What can I say, he is so on the money with what he is doing!

8. Lucid Cross Rhodes – Mat Playford 

Mat goes further into his Detroit odyssey on this one, it’s a classy track amongst a plethora of classy tunes from Mat.. we do love his work!

9. Use Your Mind – Julien Chaptal 

This track from Julien we used for the Mysteryland promo clip for our upcoming ASW stage in August. It’s a throbbing chunk of genius and is solid on the dancefloor!

10. They Walk, The Mountains – Christopher Coe 

Had to finish with a lovely sublime piece from my partner in crime on the label.. this track from Christopher really captures the feeling of that landscape of mountains and it shows a whole other side to his work.

A note from Coxy

The amazing thing about these artists is their diversity and musicality.. no business techno here.. all pure heart and soul. And there is plenty more to come in the coming year! See you on the dancefloor!