JOESKI is one of the most prolific producers of house music in the world.

With a career spanning three decades, the NYC DJ and producer established his label Maya Records in 2001 with the classic track, Hustler’s Revenge. While his collaboration with DJ Chus on El Amor propelled the label to the forefront of the U.S. house music sound that would become a global phenomenon, it also won Joeski worldwide acclaim as both a producer and DJ. He has remained at the forefront of house music ever since.

He’s just released his own track Afro Acid – the label’s 211th and to mark the occasion we caught up with Joeski and asked him to compile a playlist featuring ten highlights from his amazing Maya Records, a list which includes a peek at the 212th release on the label from Joeski featuring Jackie Wells with the forthcoming track Aruma.

Listen below and read what Joeski has to say about each of the tunes.

6400 Crew Present Joeski – Hustlers Revenge – Maya 001

The first release on Maya Records 🙂 I had been playing it for a while to huge dancefloor response so decided to start the label with this one and it went on to be my biggest seller on vinyl in 2000.


Joeski & Chus – El Amor – Maya 003

I was booked to play in Madrid Spain for the first time in 2001 where I met DJ Chus and we linked up and started working in the studio on this one and it went on to be our summer anthem in 2001.


J & S Productions – Te Quiero –  Maya 005

I was out in Spain and met Silla who ended up becoming J & S Joeski & Silla Productions. This was the first release that we made and we ended up making a lot of tracks together.


Joeski – Aruma featuring Jackie Wells – Maya212

I was taking Maya Records in a more vocal afro house direction and am really excited for this one. A beautiful vocal written and performed by Jackie Wells.


Afrikali – Out Of The Jungle (Joeski 2003 Remix) – Maya012 

I was a big fan of the original that came out on Easy Street Records in the 90’s so I licensed it and did a remix and it went on to be a big record for me in South America.


Joeski – Hey Fellas – Maya159

I’ve always been a big fan of funk and soul and for this one I sampled Lyn Collins. This was one of my biggest releases after the label went strictly digital to more funky house vibes.


Joeski featuring E Man – I Remember House – Maya144

The inspiration of this one was all my favorite classic house tracks. This one was on ode to them with the legendary E Man on the vocals telling the story.


Joeski & Djulz  – A Night On Clerry Street – Maya003

I had gone to a gig in Paris and met Djulz and ended up staying a week in the studio with him and collaborated on some big tracks. This was one of them that I ended up putting out.


Joeski. – Tierra Linda feat Canalon De Timbiqui – Maya188

This record was recorded in my motherland country of Colombia. I have always had a dream of working with local musicians there so when I had the opportunity I was very excited. There is so much amazing talent in that country so this one is special.


Joeski – Afro Latinism – Maya207

I was very moved when I heard the poem that ended up becoming this track. A very powerful poem and it inspired this and went on to be a big release for Maya more recently.