TECHNO duo Pan-Pot are one of the finest partnerships in electronic music today.

Released on August 11, FUTURA is the third single to drop from the brand new project from the guys called FORTE.

A collection of 10 original tracks, showcasing the past, present and future of Pan-Pot, FORTE celebrates two decades of dance from Pan-Pot.


Fans have been enjoying each single dropping every fortnight since the first one, PROTO dropped on July 28.

The final track from the collection will be released culminating in the the full FORTE Collection being released on November 17.

We caught up with Pan-Pot, Berlin-based music producers Tassilo Ippenberger and Thomas Benedix, to mark the release of the latest single, FUTURA and they’ve put together a playlist of current favourites from their DJ sets including music from the collection.

Listen to the music and read what they had to say about it below.

Pan-Pot – BOND

BOND is the second release of our FORTE collection and we’re really in love with it. It’s quite different to the other tracks, not just because it’s the slowest but also the vibe is different, and it reminds me of older days and the tracks and DJ sets that had a long and intense build up. BOND is an ode to these times.


BDB – Boss Rhythm 

Almost a classic already. Reminds us of old Daft Punk tracks. It is very much a DJ tool until the pad melody comes in and it turns into an anthem. We regularly play it if the moment is right.


Sam Paganini – Body Ride

This track is very much how Sam sounds like. It’s tooly but also very memorable. It’s one of those tracks I play for a long time many times and I don’t get bored. This really makes a song a quality piece of music.


Depeche Mode – Ghosts again (Chris Liebing and Luke Slater Remix)

Probably one of the best remixes of a Depeche Mode song I know. Stripped down with an ever evolving tension. The vocals are perfectly used to add the trippy playback the necessary Depeche Mode note.


Franck – Hear the Sound

Totally not our usual tempo but the track also sounds great pitched down to our average tempo. This song is so on point with everything. Every time we play it people go nuts. Great tune!


Wishmountain – Radio

An all-time favourite and a true masterpiece. Mathew Herbert is such a genius. What I also like on this track you can layer it with a lot of other tracks because it’s so percussive.


DJ Hyperactive – Saturn Sending

In the beginning the track doesn’t sound special but if you listen to it loud it will blow your mind. It’s so consistent and on point. Love this. We’re big fans of DJ Hyperactive anyway.


Marc Romboy – The Overture

Old but more than gold. For me one of the best closing Tracks with an endless energy.


FJAAK – District 8

The biggest banger that we’ve ever heard in our whole DJ career. Nothing more to say!


KINK – Strings

This track is so beautiful and emotional that it almost brings tears to your eyes every time it’s played. KINK is the greatest live act.