After closing out 2019 with the impressive and widely acclaimed Reset Button EP, Cubism founder Mark Gwinnett returns with the label’s first release of 2020 with a single that has a firm, unshakable grip on the groove.

‘On The Line’ incorporates not only the unmistakable dance floor flow we have come to expect from Mark’s long time Lunacy Sound Division project but is also inspired by his work as a music journalist taking samples from a recorded interview Mark had with one of electronic music’s true pioneers late last year.

Retaining the trademark tough groove factor, ‘On The Line’ has a loose, free air about it. Alien sounds bounce around the vocal musings, while the loose stretch and drag of percussion is anchored by an optimistic yet smutty bass line. This is a proper head-down, pursed-lip banger for discerning dance floors. Just how we like it here at Cubism.