ANDREA Di Ceglie and Luigi Tutolo are the Agents Of Time and the duo are masters of their own richly melodic and atmospheric techno sound.

The music has been delivered to our ears through revered labels such as Afterlife, Kompakt and Ellum Audio.

As performers they have headlined every major club and festival across Europe, America, the Middle East and beyond. Now they launch their own imprint, TIME MACHINE, which will offer further insight into their musical universe with the first track Zodiac by the duo dropping on the label last month.

We caught up with them and they have compiled a playlist of tracks that inspired the imprint. Listen and read what they had to say about the music they have selected below.

Mathew Jonson – Agents Of Time

A track that gave the name to the album of one of our most inspiring artists. This album when it came out was so innovative and of course helped us to push our boundaries without limiting our creativity.


Ben Bohmer – Beyond Beliefs

This is one of the songs that can be heard so many times and it doesn’t let you feel bored. Ben, apart of being a friend, is an amazing artist. We highly recommend you to listen to this while on a plane!

Jai Paul – He

One of the artists we love the most. It’s completely different from what we do but it’s cool and that’s enough!


Floating Points – Last Bloom

We had the pleasure to invite Sam to one of our parties. Apart from being such an amazing person, he’s the best sonic explorer we’ve ever met. This track reminds us of the gold era of Minilogue and Mathew Jonson, the pure electronic but at the same time it sounds so modern and complete.


The Weeknd – Take My Breath featuring The Weeknd

This track probably for us is one of the most important things we’ve achieved in our career. We still remember when it came out we were in Medellin alone and we started crying and hugging each other. We’re so grateful to Abel for giving us such an amazing opportunity.


Kalabrese – Stone On Your Back (Frank Wiedemann Remix)

The 2 magicians of electronic music together. Both original and the remix of Frank are solid productions that we have been playing for a long time and we always love to bring this one in especially for some special moments.


Overmono – Le Tigre

The doctors of electronic music. This track is amazing and we don’t think we need to add any more words!


Donato Dozzy & Anna Caragnano – Parola (Rework)

Donato is for sure one of the most respected artists In the techno scene. A great Italian example of innovative music, and a great example of freedomness!


Caribou – Odessa

When we want to find an example of a timeless song here it is. We wish we were there when he did it as it would have been an amazing journey. This is a masterpiece!


Maceo Plex – All Night featuring Oscar And The Wolf (Garage Version)

Eric is that kind of guy who doesn’t care about trends and what’s going on. We love and respect him so much and this is an example of his latest production, a wonderful track with the great Oscar and The Wolf.