ELECTRONIC music legend, DJ and producer Danny Tenaglia is as revered by his DJ peers as he is by audiences around the world.

Danny has returned to the famed Global Underground series for a third and final time completing a trilogy of masterclass mixes.

Danny Tenaglia GU45: Brooklyn is out today on Global Underground - CLICK HERE
Danny Tenaglia GU45: Brooklyn is out today on Global Underground – CLICK HERE

GU45: Brooklyn follows his celebrated compilations GU10: Athens (1999) and GU17: London (2000) and it’s perhaps the most important of the series. He says;

“As a native of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, this compilation is not only a celebration of my roots but also a tribute to the dynamic and ever-evolving nightlife that ignited and guided my musical career back in 1975.”

Danny Tenaglia GU45: Brooklyn is out now on Global Underground - CLICK HERE
Danny Tenaglia GU45: Brooklyn is out now on Global Underground – CLICK HERE

Danny pulls no punches with the mix, including his upcoming single with Cevin Fisher ‘Move That Body’, along with a multifarious selection including tracks from Moderat, Monika Kruse with Pig&Dan, Dino Lenny, Radio Slave and Basement Jaxx.

Danny Tenaglia in Brooklyn

Danny Tenaglia in Brooklyn

Read this in-depth interview from a few years ago with Danny which covers his remarkable career over at www.thenightbazaar.co.uk CLICK HERE.

We caught up with Danny this week and asked him to talk us through a playlist of music that inspired GU45: Brooklyn. Listen to the music and read what he had to say about it below. His selection proves, music is still very much the answer!

Danny Tenaglia and Cevin Fisher – Move That Body

“Well, I had to start with this track as it’s my latest release that I am truly fond of.

I told Cevin Fisher that I haven’t felt this good about a track I’ve been involved in since the late 90’s when I released Music IS The Answer Feat, Celeda. It’s a happy house feel good track that flows smoothly with NY/UK/Chicago vibe.”

Harry Romero – Liquid Samba

“Harry is unstoppable! He produces and remixes so many awesome tracks that has helped me blow up dance floors globally. This one is a tribal explosion engineered to perfection.”


Steve Robinson – No Space, No Time


“It was DJ/Producer Nick Muir (partner with John Digweed on too many to mention amazing productions) that shared Steve’s track with me just in time for me to request it for the GU45: Brooklyn compilation. It’s a tough and funky bouncing house track that can be played by any DJ, and on any stage.”


Drunken Kong – It’s Then

“This duo from Japan have been knocking out so many harder edged tracks the past few years and I’ve been getting such incredible reactions to this (and others by them) globally. They are to be watched for sure.”


Radioslave featuring New – Wait A Minute

“I’m so happy I was able to license this for the CD compilation because I have been a devoted fan of Matt’s (Radiolave) for many years. This track combines house, techno and a hip hop style with a vocal that’s part rapping and singing. This song will bring the element of ‘fun’ to any party and dance floor 100%.”


Basement Jaxx – Express Yourself (Pig & Dan Eclectic Mix)

“What can I say about The Jaxx that hasn’t been said before? Pig & Dan have also been on such an incredible roll as well, and their names combined with Basement Jaxx is a perfect recipe to success. I love the journey of this track as well.”

Dino Lenny – Talk To Me (Dino Lenny and Damon Jee Mix) 

“Dino is a master of melody. This song is modern, progressive, mysterious and makes me think of playing on the legendary open air legendary Space Terrace in Ibiza. This track is as cool as a summer breeze can get.”


Star B – I’ve Got Joy

“Riva Starr, Mark Broom delivering a female vocal gospel tech house energy track! Impossible to go wrong with this jam.”

Danny Tenaglia  featuring Celeda – Be Yourself

“Of the many songs I’ve either produced, remixed, and/or collaborated on, ‘Be Yourself’ is so special to me. Celeda wrote the lyrics and sang it during the Music is The Answer sessions. It wasn’t until 1 year later that I laid down all new tracks to it, composing the concept without any other musicians involved. Between the meaningful words and theme of the song, somehow, I created a minimal vibe opposed to a piano hook driven tracks, and by the grace of God it turned out to be one of my most cherished productions.”


Depeche Mode – I Feel Loved

“Besides being such an incredible honour to remix a song by this iconic band, it truly was a labour of love project. It was so well received globally that not only did it earn me a Grammy nomination, it also earned the band a Grammy nomination for best dance single. I snuck in snippets of 4 other songs of theirs from the 80’s and it quickly became one of my top 5 favourite projects.